Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh god. They're back, and bigger than ever!

They've returned. Despite my best efforts. Despite my warnings. Just when you thought it was safe... They strike!

I thought this was dead and buried. I was wrong. Beware: Wolf Shirt!

It's right flippin' behind you. RUN BITCH!

Don't let this happen to you. Constant vigilance!


  1. Ouch. Now that's a fucking shirt. JEEEESUS. That wolf is totally about to tear itself out of that man's very ample gut and fling itself at the first available mammal.

  2. I want to know how you are able to capture such great shots of wolf shirts. I also take pictures of them, as well as tacky patriotic shirts because I find them hilarious, but I'm always too scared to just blatantly take a picture of someone.

  3. Nessa, yes it totally is. And that wolf is actually a fairly accurate 3D representation, with the snout closer to the camera than the eyes. It's a fusion of man and shirt unseen since the days of the skeleton t-shirt.

    But yes, that woman is in considerable danger. Hence "run, bitch!"

    TGW, I'm thrilled you asked. There are a number of options. First and foremost, your camera should have a good zoom. That's the obvious, easy way to take photos of someone, be so far off their radar that they act naturally.

    Step two is to do so with little to no blatancy. This includes not saying "hold still a second."

    Pro-Tip: pretend you're reviewing old photos and just casually happen to be pointing the camera that way.

    Or, just don't give a shit. They all work.

  4. Wolf shirt better watch out for Palin.

  5. I cannot get enough of this shirt.

  6. Also, Kimmy - you rocked me. You rocked me all night long.

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