Friday, December 04, 2009

Project Time!

It's something about myself I can't change. In order to be happy, I need two things.

  1. An enemy.
  2. A project.
Since I'm sort of lacking an arch nemesis at the moment, I've decided to use my second trait to fulfill the first. I'm making a project of pissing people off, intentionally, as in interview for an Arch. I've decided that, as with most things in life, the internet provides the best solution.

Proposal: to offend people whose friendship I no longer, or possibly never did, desire on Facebook in order to ascertain which, if any, are suitable nemeses.

Added Awesome: Screenshots of the exchange.

Double Awesome: I'm blogging at work and I don't give a shit anymore. (This is somewhat unrelated.)

I think I'll start today and post the best results. I do it all for you, my ducklets.

Video Example: Dr. Orpheus attempts to court The Monarch as an arch.



  1. While I hope I am not one of these potential future nemeses, I can't wait to see how this plays out!

  2. H, of course not. You were never in the crosshairs. There's enough self-righteous ass-hattery on Facebook that I won't have to bother people I like.

    I've got a few to post later already.

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